Max Tosetti, Maître de Maison, introduces you to his property:


If the Romeo&Juliet love story had ended happily, it would have certainly taken place here at Villa Fiordaliso, an historic house built at the end of the 19th century on the shores of Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy and also one of the most fascinating. Being just 20 minutes away from Verona, we like to think that if the two young lovers had been here, they would have certainly walked on the jetty through the long palm tree-lined roads and enjoyed the lake breeze at the little private beach nearby as you can do today. Perhaps they would have even enjoyed the company of some music played at the piano bar of the San Marco Tower before finally reaching their love nest.Their passion would have been cuddled by the original neoclassic burnt Sienna walls and Venetian glass walls that you can still admire in the Villa where everything is a reference to nature and its beauty, for example the names of our five rooms: Iris, Mimosa, Camelia and Orchidea.


Spring time and good weather are hopefully approching and Villa Fiordaliso and its team are getting ready for another season to spend together with you. Starting on March 21st it will be possible to book a room or a table at the restaurant for dinner. On that day we will not be open for lunch but only dinner time but from the following day we will be there with our usual timetables. Until then, if you would like to plan your holidays, weddings, parties please call us or email us anytime. We will be working for you and be pleased to welcome you to show our venues on appointment.

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